We are hear to help with your movie watching and showing needs! Weather it’s a scratched disc, transfer, or looking for that hard to find title we will do our best to make your wildest dreams come true!

Disc Repair

Have a disc that is skipping? We have two industrial quality machines & many years experience repairing scratched discs. DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD, CD, & gaming disc can all be fixed. Bring your disc in & we will let you know if those pesky scratches are repairable!

$3.00 per disc

High Quantity? Ask in store for discounted price.


Have home movies you want to share? We can transfer your home videos to disc or flash drive to share the memories for years to come. Non-copy protected material on VHS or VHC-C is transferable!

$10.00 per disc

*Most 2 hour length material is transferable to one disc, quality of footage degrades after that.

Special Orders

Having trouble finding a film? Or just don’t trust buying online? We can order for you. We have multiple distributors and can often get those hard to find titles at the best prices!

Prices dependent on Titles

1/2 Deposit Down Required for Orders

DCP Transfer

Showing on the big screen? Weather it’s a commercial, presentation, or your own film getting your work transferred can be daunting & expensive. We aim to provide you with premium quality DCP Transfer services to ensure your project looks & sounds as excellent as possible on the BIG SCREEN!

Contact Us for a Quote!

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