Open 365 days a year!! It’s Fall ya’ll! We’ve got the flicks to keep the family entertained. Whether it’s a classic or a new release, The Reel Hollywood Video is your local source to cozy up with that pumpkin spice latte & some amazing entertainment! Please be mindful of health concerns by all our patrons.

Feeling a bit under the weather? Perfect time for a movie, please check out our inventory from home & give us a call. We are happy to bring your order to your car & keep all of our patrons healthy at this time! The inventory link is below & give us a call with your order (503) 472-0553! Our hours are posted at the bottom of this page!

Yamhill County’s Favorite Corn Fri-Sun


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Lucas & Sydney’s Wedding!

Welcome to The Reel Hollywood Video

The Reel Hollywood Video run by Jessi & Martin, with supervision by Korben & Leeloo, have been the mainstay in McMinnville entertainment since 1985. Check out our social media for the latest on movies & events!

  • SEP.5: Labor Day! Open regular hours!

    SEP.22: Lucas & Sydney’s Wedding! Closing Early at 1pm.

    SEP.30: September Coloring Pages Due!

  • OCT.15: Video Store Day! Come Celebrate with Us!

    OCT.31: October Coloring Pages Due!

    OCT.31: Halloween! Come get a scary flick & some candy, Trick ‘R Treating ALL DAY!

It’s Fall & Korben & Leeloo can’t wait for all that the turn of the seasons bring! Back to school specials, Halloween Trick ‘R Treating & Costumes, & best of all Video Store Day! The cozy weather is coming & so are many awesome movies!

Monthly Coloring Contest!

Print out or pick up your monthly coloring contest.

Color and return for 1 FREE Prior Rental!

Winners get an additional 1 FREE Any Rental and are announced at the end of each month!

Open Hours
*Outside return slot OPEN 24 hours a day!