2023 McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival

Thank you for your support hope you enjoyed the shows!

18 & Older Winners

Oldmen Rule

Submitted by Alexander Gavrilov

12:50 Minutes

Russian Federation

The Customer

Submitted by Steven Shade

14:42 Minutes

United States

A Luminaries Story

Submitted by Evandro Caixeta

19:12 Minutes


17 & Younger Winners

My Dinner with an Android

Submitted by Grant Lee Bomar

29:48 Minutes

United States


Submitted by Esabella Strickland

4:19 Minutes


People’s Choice Award


Submitted by Rafael Star

7:58 Minutes


Thanks to all who participated in the 13th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival and everyone who tuned in or came out to the Moonlight Theater! Join us next May for the 2024 McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival Season!

Thanks for watching see you next year!

Online Experience: Session has ended see you next year!

@ Moonlight Theater

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