2022 McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival

Moonlight Theater

Thank you for your support hope you enjoyed the shows!

18 & Older Winners


Submitted by Franzi Franziska Ida Müller

10:22 Minutes


The Station Caretaker

Submitted by Milena Ogonovskaya

13:33 Minutes

Russian Federation

If You Say Too Much

Submitted by Contact Yearbook

10:56 Minutes


17 & Younger Winners

Brawl of the Beasts

Submitted by Tyler Herren

12:04 Minutes

United States

Destroyer of Worlds

Submitted by Matthew Shoup

4:08 Minutes


Human Race Ism

Submitted byScott A. Galeski

3:02 Minutes

United States

People’s Choice Award

Look, There’s Something on the Moon

Submitted by Josh Bair

1:35 Minutes

United States

Thanks to all who participated in the 12th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival and everyone who tuned in or came out to the Moonlight Theater! Join us next May for the 13th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival!

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