2021 McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

18 & Older Category

Aliens on Halloween submitted by Riker Lynch (USA)

Cuckoo! submitted by FRANC PLANAS (Netherlands)

Blip submitted by Elle Meadows (UK)

17 & Younger Category

A Conversation with E submitted by Esabella Strickland (Canada)

Captivity submitted by Ramtin Kouchaki (Iran)

Atomic Shark submitted by José Pedro Lopes (Portugal)

People’s Choice Award

Consume submitted by Bruno Gradaschi (Argentina)

Thanks to all who participated in the 11th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival! Congratulations to our 2021 Winners. We had an amazing time enjoying everyone’s films, it was a very hard decision for our judges. We can’t wait to see what is submitted next year for the 12th Annual McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival in May of 2022!

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